How Much Does Decking Cost in Canberra in 2024

Understanding the costs can help homeowners make informed decisions about their decking project. Generally, in Canberra, the decking cost starts from $20,000 and can increase based on various factors. These include the project’s location, the extent of site preparation required, the choice of handrails, the materials selected, the overall size of the deck, and the expertise of the builders tasked with the installation. Cheap is not always better.

Factors Contributing to Decking Costs in Canberra

The decking cost in Canberra is a complex calculation, as several factors contribute to the overall expense. Below is the breakdown of factors that influence the overall deck installation cost.

Material Choice

The materials used for decking significantly influence the total cost. Hardwoods are typically more expensive than softwoods but offer excellent durability and a longer lifespan. Composite materials, while pricier upfront, require less maintenance over time, potentially saving money in the long run. Each material type brings distinct aesthetic and practical benefits, impacting the project’s overall cost.

Materials Used for Decking and Their Features

Treated Pine: Treated pine is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice. It’s treated to resist decay, fungus, and pests, making it a cheap option for decking. Its affordability and the ability to be easily stained or painted make it a popular choice among homeowners.

Hardwood Timber: Hardwood species like Jarrah, spotted gum, and Merbau are favored for their durability and natural beauty. While hardwood decking is more expensive, its longevity and aesthetic appeal justify the cost for many.

Composite Decking: Made from wood fibers and recycled plastic, composite decking is known for its sustainability, low maintenance, and uniform appearance. It doesn’t require staining or sealing and is resistant to rotting, warping, and splintering, making it ideal for families and pet owners.

Design Complexity

The complexity of the deck design also plays a crucial role in determining the price. Simple, square decks are generally more affordable than intricate designs featuring curves, multiple levels, or custom features like built-in seating or lighting. The more complex the design, the more labor and materials are required, increasing the overall cost.

Deck Design Varieties and Their Best Applications

Traditional Timber Deck: Traditional timber decks are characterized by their natural wood appearance and warmth underfoot. They are ideal for classic home designs and those looking for a natural aesthetic. Best for backyards and garden settings, timber decks offer a timeless appeal.

Modern Composite Deck: Composite decking, made from wood fibers and plastics, offers a low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood. With various colors and finishes, it’s perfect for contemporary homes and is best suited for areas with high foot traffic due to its durability.

Raised Decking: For sloped yards or homes with a view, raised decks create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. They provide an elevated platform for enjoying views and are best for homes overlooking scenic landscapes or gardens.

Multi-Level Deck: A multi-level deck is perfect for large outdoor areas and homes with varied terrain. Each level can serve a different purpose—dining, lounging, or gardening—offering a dynamic outdoor living space. It is best for extensive gardens or backyards, providing ample space for entertaining and relaxation.

Pool Surround Deck: Specifically designed to complement swimming pools, these decks offer a safe and stylish area around the pool. Slip-resistant materials can enhance safety. They are best for homes with outdoor pools, providing a comfortable and attractive poolside lounging area.

Deck Size

Unsurprisingly, the deck size impacts the cost, with larger decks requiring more materials and labor. However, a larger size can also mean better value per square meter due to economies of scale in material purchases and labor allocation.

Deck Sizes and Speed of Installation in Canberra

The deck size significantly influences both the cost and the time required for installation. In Canberra, deck sizes typically range from small (around 10 square meters) to large (up to 50 square meters or more), catering to various needs and outdoor spaces.

Smaller decks can often be completed within a week, assuming no significant ground preparation is required. However, larger projects or those requiring extensive groundwork, such as leveling or foundation work, might take several weeks to complete. The speed of installation also depends on the complexity of the design, the accessibility of the location, and the weather conditions, as Canberra’s climate can sometimes introduce delays. Selecting a skilled and experienced decking builder like MS Deck Repairs can significantly enhance the efficiency of the installation process, ensuring the project is completed within the desired timeframe.

Size of Timber Boards

The size of the timber boards selected for a deck installation significantly influences the overall cost in Canberra, primarily due to the material’s pricing structure and the labor involved. Larger boards may require less installation time due to fewer pieces needed to cover the same area, potentially lowering labor costs. However, the price per square meter of the material can be higher for more extensive, premium-quality boards, often sought after for their aesthetic appeal and reduced number of joins. Conversely, smaller timber boards might be cheaper per unit but could lead to higher labor costs due to the increased complexity and time needed for installation. Thus, the choice of board size is a crucial consideration in the financial planning of deck projects.


Deck construction requires more than timber boards. Additional materials such as bearers, joists, nuts, bolts, and posts are essential for assembling a sturdy and durable deck. These accessories can significantly increase the project’s total expense depending on their quality and quantity.

Incorporating Decking Accessories: Impact on Cost and Functionality

Adding accessories to decking is not just about aesthetics; it’s also a practical consideration that can significantly affect the overall cost of a decking project in Canberra. Accessories such as balustrades, stairs, and lighting are essential for enhancing safety, comfort, and usability, particularly for elevated decks or those used during the evening. Balustrades protect users, preventing falls from the sides of the deck, while stairs are crucial for accessibility, especially for decks not at ground level. Lighting extends the deck’s usability into the evening, creating an ambient outdoor space suitable for relaxation or entertainment. Each accessory has its own set of costs. For example, the price of balustrades can vary greatly depending on the materials used (wood, metal, glass, etc.) and the complexity of the design. Similarly, the cost of installing stairs will depend on the height and materials required. Lighting, too, can range from simple solar-powered lights to more sophisticated, wired lighting systems. Therefore, when planning a decking project in Canberra, it is essential to consider the cost of the decking material itself and the added expenses associated with any accessories, as these can significantly enhance the deck’s functionality, safety, and overall installation cost.

Stairs, Balustrade, and Roofing

Incorporating stairs, a balustrade, or roofing into the deck design introduces complexity and additional materials, thus elevating costs. These elements require meticulous planning and craftsmanship, further elevating the labor expenses.

Site Conditions

The nature of the land where the deck will be built plays a significant role. Soil type can affect the foundation required, with more problematic soils potentially necessitating more extensive ground preparation. Accessibility and slope of the site also impact the ease and cost of construction.

Elevated Decks

Elevating a deck adds complexity to the project. They require additional structural support to ensure safety and longevity, increasing material and labor costs.

Labour Costs

The expertise and experience of the decking team are significant factors in the project’s cost. While it might be tempting to opt for the cheapest quote, selecting a reputable and experienced team ensures quality workmanship, which can save money on future repairs or adjustments.

Location Factors

The cost of decking in Canberra can also be influenced by location-specific factors such as access to the site, the terrain’s slope, and local regulations requiring additional permissions or inspections. These elements can affect the labor and materials needed, impacting the overall cost.

Choosing the Right Decking Experts

Given these variables, opting for a knowledgeable and reputable decking expert or team is crucial. A team that understands local conditions, sources high-quality materials at competitive prices, and boasts a track record of successful projects can provide invaluable peace of mind and ensure the decking investment is well spent.

Why MS Deck Repairs is Your Ideal Choice in Canberra

Selecting MS Deck Repairs as your local decking expert in Canberra is wise for several reasons. Their deep understanding of the regional climate and regulations and sourcing the best materials ensures your deck is beautiful and durable. The MS Deck Repairs team of skilled professionals is committed to delivering high-quality craftsmanship tailored to each client’s unique needs, making them the go-to choice for decking in Canberra.

For all your decking needs, contact us to request a free quote or consultation.
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