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Replace Deck & Framing, New Screen & Handrail – Garran – Before & After

Garran – Before & After


One of our customers requested an online quote through our website and asked if we can replace the deck and framing on their old decking in Garran. We checked the property and advised the client that their decking will need to be replaced.


Well, over time, the decking boards can rot and the framing can become damaged. This can make the deck unsightly and also unsafe to use.

Garran – Before & After

The Result?

We gave the old deck a new life after replacing the decking and framing.


Choosing the right materials is important if you’re replacing your old deck. The new decking and framing should be made of pressure-treated wood.  It’s also important to choose decking boards that are the right size. The new decking should be the same width as the old decking, and the new framing should be the same size as the old framing. At MS Deck Repairs, we can make your old deck look brand new all over again.

Garran – Before & After