5 Ways to Design Your Perfect Pergola

Pergolas have become a popular addition to outdoor spaces in Canberra as more homeowners and businesses look to create a comfortable, welcoming environment for their families, customers, and guests. But with so many design options available, choosing the right one for your space can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five ways you can design your perfect pergola.

Consider your space:

Look at the area you want to cover and measure it, ensuring the pergola fits appropriately. Think about your home or business style and match the pergola to that.

Measuring the area and planning the design to match up with your outdoor space will take your time, and if you need help on this aspect, MS Deck Repairs is always ready to help you.

Decide on your material:

Pergolas are available in different materials, such as wood, steel, and aluminium. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so picking the one that best fits your goals is vital.

For example, wood pergolas offer a natural, warm aesthetic perfect for a classic look. Aluminium pergolas, on the other hand, are incredibly durable and easy to maintain. Steel pergolas are more industrial in feel and can be incorporated into modern or contemporary designs.

Regardless of the materials you choose, ensure you have the budget and the right team to help you.

Choose your shape:

Regarding shape, you have many options, such as square, rectangular, circular or even freeform. The shape of your pergola depends on your preferences, but it’s wise to consider the condition of your yard or outdoor space.

For example, a rectangular-shaped pergola best fits a narrow space, as it can maximise the available space. Below are some of the design and shape choices.

  1. Opt for a Simple Design – For a small space, choose an uncomplicated pergola design with enough support and shade that won’t overwhelm the area. Consider using only two or three beams instead of four or five to create an open feeling without taking up too much space.
  2. Add a Retractable Canopy – Make your valuable pergola in any weather by adding a retractable canopy that can be opened on sunny days and closed during rain showers. This way, you’ll have plenty of shade when you need it and extra light when you don’t!
  3. Build Up Instead of Out – If your yard is more narrow than large, opt for a tall, slim structure that will add height to the area without taking up all your precious outdoor space. Mounting beams on an existing wall adds vertical interest and can still provide enough shade for a small space.
  4. Utilise Natural Materials – Adding natural materials into the design, like wood or stone, gives a pergola more character without taking up too much room. Stained woods are an especially eye-catching addition to any space, as they blend in with their surroundings while providing extra protection from the sun’s rays.

Consider the details:

The details are what add character and style to your pergola. Think about the size of the posts, the beam design, the height of the structure, and the type of roofing material. You can add accessories to your pergola, such as lights and sound systems, to create a perfect outdoor space for gatherings and parties.

Think about function:

Is your pergola for dining or entertaining? Do you need shade or weather protection? Is it intended to provide privacy in your outdoor space? Answering these questions can help determine your perfect pergola.

Below is a list of functions of a pergola.

  • It can provide an outdoor living area shaded by the sun and offers relief from the hot summer temperatures.
  • It provides visual interest to your yard and adds architectural design to your home’s exterior.
  • It’s a great way to display plants or add landscaping elements such as hanging baskets, potted plants and trellises for climbing vines.
  • For entertaining purposes, you can hang string lights over your pergola for ambient lighting while dining al fresco or throwing parties.
  • A pergola is excellent for creating an intimate seating area in a backyard garden or giving extra shade around a swimming pool.


Designing your perfect pergola requires some planning and consideration, but it’s worth it in the long run.

By taking the time to think about your space, the material, the shape, the details, and the function, you can create a stunning outdoor space that you’ll enjoy for years to come. MS Deck Repairs offers a range of pergolas to suit your needs.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you design the perfect pergola for your home or business!
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